Get the Best Security Cameras Powered by the Best Platform

There are several options when choosing video surveillance cameras today including resolution, night vision optimization, indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras. But, it’s not only the camera, but also the application behind it.

While a video surveillance camera’s components and engineering are important, the software platform managing the video is a crucial layer of today’s video technology. Your camera’s software platform creates the feature-rich options you would expect from the leaders in the industry. That’s why we recommend

See what’s going on from anywhere, anytime.

You can view a live stream with your smartphone, tablet, desktop, Apple Watch or even your TV. You can be at work and still talk to a visitor at your door. If you get an alert that your alarm is going off, you can open a camera feed, zoom in to see what’s happening, then verify or cancel the alarm signal–all from the same screen.

Viewing recorded footage is just as easy. stores your video clips securely on cloud servers for you to watch, download and share whenever needed.

Stay in the know with intelligent clips and alerts.

With the app, you can customize and filter alerts for a better experience. For example, you can turn off all alerts from indoor cameras when your security system is disarmed.

You can also set up triggered video alerts for specific events.

If you want to see your kids arrive home, you can have send you a video clip from your hallway camera when they unlock the front door.

Get better crime prevention features.

As part of your smart security system, cameras “team up” with other security devices like smart locks. You can monitor who’s ringing your doorbell, disarm your system and unlock the door granting access if needed, then lock the door and re-arm your system afterward.

Professional installation and support make it easy.

Our experts can help you choose the best cameras for each area of your home, then install and connect your cameras quickly and cleanly. Should anything go wrong with a camera, we’ll be there with the know-how to fix the issue.

Keep your home or business protected with smart security cameras and Contact us today to learn more.