Better Protect Your Home and Business During the Holidays

Better Protect Your Home and Business During the Holidays If you’re in business, it’s critical to be vigilant about security this time of year. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, robbery and larceny trend upwards by 20 percent during November and December. Below are some statistics and tips to keep in mind while protecting your business during the holiday season.

• 64% of all small businesses experience some form of theft from patrons and employees—and that number only goes up during the holidays

• Video surveillance is one of the most effective tools in preventing theft

• Theft can cost even the smallest business thousands of dollars during the holidays, and just one act of vandalism costs a business over $3,000 on average

• A modern security system with the latest technology is a business’ best defense in discouraging and apprehending thieves

• Make sure you test your system at least once a month or even more often during the holidays

• Make sure the emergency contacts on your alarm account are current

Be mindful, too, of the increased threat to safety and security at home during the holidays.

• E-commerce is expected to grow between 25 to 30 percent each year, meaning there will be more packages left on porches than ever before

• Video doorbells and outdoor security cameras can help deter package thieves

• According to the New York Times, a house without a security system is 300 percent more likely to get burglarized

• Signs in the yard and in the windows letting potential burglars know the home has a security system can prevent it from being targeted

In addition to the need for heightened security during the holidays, you should take steps to better protect your property from fire. Christmas trees, lights, and big holiday dinners are wonderful traditions, but they also can create fire hazards. Here are some timely points to consider for seasonal fire protection.

• According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), nearly 45 percent of home fires are caused by Christmas trees and lighting equipment

• A dry Christmas tree can completely catch fire in under a minute

• The NFPA reports over 750 home structure fires each year start with decorations, excluding the tree

• Ensure your outdoor lights are plugged into GFCI outlets

• Make sure your fire alarm system and smoke detectors are operational–this reduces the risk of death by nearly 50 percent

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