Enjoy the Convenience of Bypass Sensors while Preventing False Alarms

Ever wish you could simply deactivate a sensor momentarily while keeping your system armed? Well, it’s easy with our Bypass Door/ Window Sensors.

The Bypass Sensors are perfect for letting out the family pet or when someone leaves early for work and doesn’t want to disturb the family. You can temporarily disarm these sensors by simply pushing a small button right on the sensor without going to and from the panel to disarm and rearm your system.

The red LED on the sensor will let you know that it is bypassed. Once you close the door or window, the sensor automatically re-arms. For added security, you can also disable the bypass feature if needed.

In addition to providing the convenience of the bypass option, these also work in preventing annoying and sometimes costly false alarms by allowing the user to quickly exit without triggering an alarm.

Give us a call if you have a door or window that would benefit from being armed with a Bypass Sensor.