Monitored Systems Far Superior for Level of Protection and Customer Support

There are more and more companies spending a lot of advertising dollars promoting self-monitored, cookie-cutter security systems. This solution may appeal to some as a way to save money. But, at what cost ultimately? It’s easy to see the disadvantages of systems that, as a means of protecting your family and property, are backed by messages sent only to you in the event of an alarm or emergency.

If you have a monitored system like ours, your home or business is covered 24/7/365 by professional agents at redundant monitoring centers, whose job it is to confirm the alarm and to dispatch the authorities as needed. Without this level of protection, you could easily miss a notification. How many times do you miss a text due to poor reception, a work meeting, a discharged device, or priorities that take you away from your phone? Not to mention, who would respond if you were suffering from a medical emergency, fire, or break-in when precious seconds matter most?

With our professionally monitored systems, you’ll also enjoy dedicated technical support that you’ll likely not get off the self in a home-improvement store. If your self-monitored system isn’t operating correctly, you might not realize it until you’re in an emergency situation. And you won’t receive the individualized attention you get from our Customer Experience team from an anonymous customer-service helpline (if they even have one.)

Our monitored systems also come equipped with smash-and-crash protection. This means that if an intruder tries to destroy or disable the panel, a signal is automatically sent to our monitoring center so they can recognize the situation immediately and alert the authorities. Imagine if the only warning being sent in that situation was a text message to your phone.